Terms and conditions

These terms and conditions – as may be amended from time to time – apply to all our services directly or indirectly (through distributors) made available online, by email or by telephone. By accessing, browsing and using our website and/or by completing a reservation, you acknowledge and agree to have read, understood and agreed to the terms and conditions set out below (including the privacy statement).

Be-housing.be adheres to a high ethical code, and respects your privacy. Your name, e-mail address, and credit card details that are necessary to complete your reservation with the building of your choice, will not be passed on to any third party, except when legally obliged to do so in any jurisdiction. We do however, reserve the right to pass on your personal details to our partner companies in our group (inside and outside the European Union), including our employees, our reliable agents and representatives, who have access to this information with our permission, and who need to have knowledge of, or access to, this information to be able to provide our services (including customer services and internal research services (audit/compliance)), for the benefit of our clients. Please refer to our privacy policy for more information.

We offer our reservation services free of charge. In contrast to many other parties, we do not charge any fees for bookings, and we don’t charge extra (booking) fees on top of the room costs. All costs connected to your stay will be communicated to you clearly and in advance.

Obligations of the letter
The letter ensures that the apartment will be well-cared for and made available for the renter at the agreed time of arrival, according to the reservation confirmation.

We must have received the rent before the rental period starts. If not, you will not be able to get access to the apartment you rented. If you are renting for a longer period than one month, you will be required to pay a deposit at the provided date of payment. The deposit will be paid back to the renter within 30 days (mostly within a week) after the renter’s departure, if he has fulfilled all of his commitments. If it hasn’t been possible to pay the rental price and deposit in time, you will pay the mediator appointed by us (the janitor) on site, on arrival, before you will get access to the apartment. After receipt of the payment in question, you will get from us, by return, the so called ‘voucher’, containing all the necessary information needed at the time of arrival. The requirement to pay also applies to every amount due from the past: the keys of an apartment can only be acquired after all the payments of any amounts due have been paid, including the invoice for the upcoming stay. In case the renter wants to prolong the completed rental contract, the rent that applies to the prolongation needs to be received by us before the start of the extended rental period. If not, you will not be granted further access to the apartment you rented.

Usually we will need your credit card details to guarantee your reservation. In case of doubt, we will verify (pre-authorize) your credit card. We use the Secure Socket Layer (SSL) technology to safeguard your credit card details and to encrypt them to send your data. Please keep in mind that the amount due will be withdrawn from your credit card immediately after your booking is accepted. In case of credit card fraud or non-authorized use of your credit card by a third party, most banks and credit card organizations will take the responsibility and cover all costs that may occur due to such cases of fraud or abuse. To get compensated in these cases, you will need to report the fraud to your credit card company (in accordance with their policies) and inform us immediately via e-mail (sales@be-housing.be).

Cancellation conditions
Any reservation made by you via telephone, e-mail or in writing, and that was confirmed by be-housing, is binding for you as well as for be-housing. The reservation will be confirmed by be-housing through a reservation form. Therefore, the rental agreement comes about when the renter expresses the wish to take out a rental agreement for an available apartment, no matter if he expressed this wish verbally, through internet or e-mail, or in writing. In case of a late cancellation, or if you don’t show (a no-show), the complete reservation will be charged. Several kinds of bookings have different cancellation conditions: please read these conditions carefully before placing a reservation. We strongly recommend to take a cancellation insurance with third parties.

Depending on the limitations, such as described in these general conditions, we will only be responsible for direct damage that you actually contracted, payed for, or suffered, because of provable inadequacy of us fulfilling our commitments in regard to our services, up to a total sum of the total costs of your reservation, such as described in the confirmation e-mail (for one incident or a series of connected incidents). In case of water damage or fire, the property of the renter is assured for a total sum of € 2500. If this sum isn’t sufficient to cover a possible large quantity of valuable possessions, we recommend the renter to opt for an extra insurance considering fire and water damage and glass breakage. The amount of persons that has been agreed via booking confirmation, may not be exceeded without consulting with our office. Be-housing is entitled to refuse access to the apartment in case of an unannounced exceeding amount of renters, just like in case of apparent misdemeanour. In case of complaints or faulty equipment, the renter will contact the mediator appointed by us (the janitor), who has to solve the defect. When television sets, dishwashers, or other sanitary or electrical appliances provided within the apartment become defective during or shortly before the renter’s stay, the renter will by no means be able to demand a damage restitution or reduction of the rental price. Complaints considering housekeeping have to be communicated directly after arrival. In case your complaint still hasn’t been resolved to your satisfaction, you need to contact our services within two days after the detection of the problem. If you do not adhere to these rules, we cannot accept any responsibility. The interior meets with our standards; renters cannot file a complaint about this. If you think you have justified complaints about the apartment you rented from us anyway, you can send them to us up until two weeks after your return by recorded delivery. The renter should in no way leave the apartment prematurely, without consulting us. By doing so, every right of compensation or reimbursement will be nullified. Be-housing does not take any responsibility for damage or injury, caused by or to renters of an apartment, by whatever cause the damage or injury may be inflicted. The renter or resident is responsible for any damage that may occur by his fault during the rental period. Be-housing isn’t responsible for theft in the rented spaces. It is recommended to take out a travel or theft insurance if you are traveling with valuable goods. In obvious cases of circumstances beyond one's control an apartment is no longer available at the beginning of the rental period, be-housing will repay the total rental sum, but will not be considered responsible for any further damage arising from whichever possible nature, caused by the cancellation. However, we will always try to find an alternative, if the renter wishes so. If, due to an event of circumstances beyond one's control on our side, an apartment becomes uninhabitable or hardly habitable, be-housing cannot be held responsible. Examples could be: force of nature, fire, interruptions in water supply or power failures, war, nuclear disasters, nuisance, or other external influences. Be-housing can never guarantee that there will be no noise nuisance beyond our control, caused by constructions, traffic or by any other cause. Apparent mistakes in our website, brochure and rental conditions do not bind be-housing.

Obligations of the renter
The renter will clear the apartment before 10 a.m. at the last day of the agreed time period between all parties. The renter has to care for the rented property as his own. This means for example that the domestic rules must be respected, that the renter needs to leave the apartment behind in good condition (if not, the costs for extra cleaning, repairing, or painting will be withdrawn from the deposit) and that damages must be immediately reported to our mediator (the janitor). The renter shall not on any account take up his domicile at the rented apartment without written permission from the office. The renter hereby accepts that the apartment will be reserved for the time period stated on the reservation form. By no means will this agreement be subject to the current rent act considering primary residences, since this contract is only a proof of reservation for a furnished apartment – second residence, and this only for a limited time. No pets are allowed, except if be-housing granted a written approval.

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