Ambassador Suites Leuven

Sint-Maartenstraat 12D , 3000 Leuven
+32 (0)478 78 14 75
Free WiFi Apartments with kitchenette Located in city centre

Reception hours

Mon - Sun 16:00 - 18:00



In the neighbourhood: playing field, billiards, karaoke, darts, bbq - facilities, bikes and bowling.



All flats, as well as the public area, are non-smoking.
An elevator is available.

Also a vending machine with drinks and snacks is available.




Free Wifi is available in the entire residence.


Public parking is possible in front of the residence - parking fee may apply.



When arriving after the general check-in hours, please inform us about the expected time of arrival.
Once the reservation is paid, you will be informed about our express check-in*.

Early check-in from 11:00h is possible at an extra charge, depending on the availability.

*(express): You find your key in the safebox near the vending machine in the entree hall.

General Check-in hours
Mon - Sun 16:00 - 18:00
From 18:00 (express)
All times are shown as Central European Summer Time


Late check-out is possible depending on the availability. You can contact sales departement regarding the prices. There are two options for a late check-out: 

- Late check-out until 13h00

- Late check-out until 19h00


Bookings can be cancelled depending on the chosen rate. There are two rates: non-refundable and refundable rates. Only refundable rates can cancel free of charge one day before arrival. 

Children & extra beds

Children aged under 3 will stay for free in the residence, when using the beds already present.
Cots are available for hire on request (extra fee).
Children older than 3 or adults will pay an extra cost of €23 per person per night, extra bed included.
The maximum number of extra beds or baby bed in 1 room : 1.


The total amount of the reservation will be charged at the time of reservation. 
When cancelling the reservation within the cancellation policy, this amount can be refunded.


Pets are allowed (extra fee)).

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